Dog With Only A Few Months To Live Gets To Experience His Bucket List

I think that most of us have a bucket list. It is a list of items that we want to do before our life is over and we may spend a lifetime trying to achieve it.

Not everybody is able to live out their bucket lists, but there are times when we get to live vicariously through someone who has the opportunity. That was the case with Theo, a dog who has perhaps 12 weeks to live.

Theo may be a dog that has a short time to live, but he is enjoying life to the fullest. This includes everything from eating an ice cream cone to having a hamburger at the drive-through window. After Theo was found abandoned in a parking lot at Walmart, he was able to live out his dreams in an amazing way.

Jenny and Scott are the loving couple who took him in after finding him near Joliet. They now have him in doggy hospice because he has cancer and there is nothing that they can do for him medically.

Although Theo may be short on time, he is living the last days of his life in an amazing way. Some of the things on his bucket list included a trip to the fire station and a ride on a boat. He also gets to go on a play date!

You can see more about Theo in the following video:

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