The World’s Only Whale-Tracking Dog

Most dogs can do something special. But there’s only one dog like Tucker: he is said to be world’s only whale-tracking dog, according to a recent New York Times article. The black lab mix has a nose for orca scat (feces), which contains valuable information for researchers. Here’s a snippet from the article.

“For Tucker, though, it mostly comes down to his ball toy, which he plays with in exuberant, wild abandon, tossing it into the air and staging crouched bouts of tug of war with Ms. Seely. When a fecal sample is found, the researchers carry it toward him and then substitute the ball at the last second, reinforcing the connection between work and reward.”

Learn more about Tucker and see him in action in this fascinating video. And see more photos of Tucker here.

[Via Tracking a Subtle Scent, a Dog May Help Save the Whales]

Photo Credit: Matthew Ryan Williams for The New York Times.

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