Are you waking up in the middle of the night to the jingling sounds of your dog’s tags because she is scratching like crazy?  Are you stopping several times during your walks for Fido to get some scratching out of the way?  Is he chewing his side so hard you think he’s going to make a hole on the skin?  Sounds like you may have a flea problem!  And if there is one flea you know there might be dozens if not hundreds of them.

Even with the topical flea control products you use on your dog, you might still be getting fleas in your house as they can hitch a ride on your dog’s coat when he’s been out playing outdoors and from your daily walks.  So what else can you do?  You will be surprised at how easy and inexpensive this solution might be.  Diatomaceous earth.  Diatoma..what?Diatomaceous earth!  It’s an off white powdery substance that comes from the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton.  Its microscopic shard like particles literally cut up the bugs’ exoskeleton making them dry up and die!  It is also non-toxic, which we all want for our home and pets.

Make sure you buy the food grade diatomaceous earth (DO NOT buy the pool grade diatomaceous earth to use on pets) and all you need to do is lightly dust your carpets, furniture, dog beds, yard, and anywhere your dog likes to hang out.  Because it is non-toxic and harmless to animals even if ingested, you can even dust it on your dog’s fur and brush it in.

Another benefit of the food grade diatomaceous earth is parasite control.  A little known fact is that farmers have been using diatomaceous earth to kill the bugs that would be destroying the grain in storage.  So unknowingly you have already been ingesting some diatomaceous earth when you eat pasta, cereal, bread or rice.  It is also recommended as a wormer to control pin worms, round worms, etc. A few teaspoons added to your dog’s food can help clear up any worms.  A cup added to the horse’s feed every day can also help control the flies at the stables.

There are many benefits of using diatomaceous earth. It helps solve problems with fleas, ants, beetles, worms, slugs, mites, bed bugs, etc. It is very cheap and did I mention non-toxic? Yes, non-toxic and more effective than chemicals since bugs cannot build up a resistance to it as they do with some chemical pesticides.

So give it a try and live happily ever after knowing you will not be having any more pests in your house or on your pets and you are not harming the environment.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Elena Flyer is a Californian owner and lover of animals: horses, dogs, birds – you name it! She is actively involved in the community whether through therapeutic dog visits to healthcare facilities, or volunteering at Labrador Rescuers.

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