The Ultimate Dog Tease Is Outstanding! This Talking Dog Is Really Hungry!

This is one of the funniest voice-over videos you’ll ever see! A dog and his human engage in a rather hilarious conversation about some food in the fridge. Of course there’s very few things in life that dog’s love more than food. As soon as this man starts talking about it, his dog is intrigued.

He tells his dog the story of when he looked in the fridge and took some maple bacon out of the meat drawer. Then of course, he ate it. The dog moans with disappointment. Then his human says he also saw some steak in there, which makes it sound like maybe he’d share it with his pup. But nope, he ate that too! Finally, he tells his dog about something special he just put together — chicken with cheese, covered in cat treats. The dog was definitely still interested, despite the cat treats, but then his human breaks the bad news to him that he fed it to the cat. This poor dog can’t catch a break! LOL!

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