The Top 6 Places to Walk Your Dog in NYC

Living in a concrete jungle can take a toll on both you and your dog. However, New York City and the surrounding boroughs are home to some of the most scenic parks in the country. Be sure to visit these six places for a scenic walk you and your pup can appreciate:

1. Prospect Park


Although not as famous as Central Park, Prospect Park is a great place for a doggy day trip! It’s usually less crowded than Central Park and tends to have many more secluded nature trails that make it feel like you actually left the city, even if it is only a quick subway ride away.

2. Fort Tyron Park


Best known in the dog world for Sir William’s Dog Run, your pup will be happier than ever running around NYC’s largest enclosed area just for dogs. This park also boasts scenic views and plenty of land to play with fellow pups.

3. Hudson River Park


Voted as the Best Place to Walk a Dog back in 2011, the Hudson River Park rivals Prospect Park due to it’s incredible views of the water and the pet-friendly shops found along 23rd St. Your favorite pooch will always be greeted by several other dogs out for a day in the city and a treat at their favorite dog shop.

4. Central Park


Even though it tends to be crowded during the warmer months, if you live in the heart of Manhattan, there’s nothing closer or better than a great walk with your pooch through Central Park. From the merry-go-round to the John Lennon memorial to the statue of Balto, the medicine carrying Alaskan husky, there are so many sights, sounds, and tails to sniff you’ll need to visit here several times to make sure your dog gets to experience it all.

5. Madison Square Park


This pet-friendly park not only offers scenic walks, but even boasts a well-known Shake Shack that caters to both two- and four-legged customers. The line tends to be long, but it’s worth it when you get your hands on a refreshing shake for yourself and a delicious Pooch-ini, a dog biscuit coated in peanut butter and vanilla custard. You can burn off those extra calories by taking a lap around the park while you and your pooch enjoy the cool treats.

6. Bryant Park


Forget Fashion Week, Bryant Park is known much more for its 9-acres of beautiful, scenic nature trails. So pack a bag and have a picnic with your favorite four-legged animal at this well-known park the next time you’re pondering where to get a breath of fresh air.

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