The Top 4 Adorable and Emotional Pet Movies Guaranteed to Give You All the Feels


Looking for an adorable movie to watch with your favorite four-legged BFF? Then look no further than the four movies included in this list. They are guaranteed to give both you and your beloved pet all the feels.
1. Up

Arguable one of the best Pixar movies ever made, Up features an array of the most adorable pets, most notably Dug, the dog, and Kevin, the bird. Russell, the young, adorable Junior Wilderness Explorer, who desperately tries to help senior citizen Carl Fredricksen in an attempt to earn a badge, finds himself in South America and befriends a wide array of animals in the movie.
Russell’s love and adoration for Dug, the talking dog, and Kevin, the tropical bird who is actually female, is guaranteed to give you all the feels. Carl Fredricksen even warms up to the animals and find himself doing whatever it takes to save them, alongside Russell. It’s a fun, animated look at what it would be like if dogs really had the ability to talk and the idea that every animal deserves happiness and freedom.
2. Marley & Me

Not much needs to be said about this movie besides the fact that you’ll most definitely need a box of Kleenex by your side the entire time. If your pet is as much a part of your life as any family member, then this movie will most definitely hit you in all the feels. Although it markets itself as a comedy, this is a much darker, heavier comedy than you may be used to. Consider yourself warned.
3. Air Bud

If you were a 90s kid, then chances are you grew up watching the original Air Bud, featuring the actual stray retriever found in Nevada, wondering when a stray golden retriever would wander onto your local basketball court to give you a shot at making the team. Or maybe that was just me. Regardless, this adorable look at a boy and Buddy, the talented stray he befriends and adopts, will leave you pondering what hidden talent your own pet has up their paw.
4. My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip
Although Marley & Me may take the cake for biggest tearjerker in the list, My Dog Skip is a close second. This moving tale centers around Willie Morris, a young boy that is constantly bullied and unable to make friends in his new town until his parents give him a Jack Russell terrier named Skip. It explores the bond that is formed between a dog and their owner and puts that relationship to the test. The scene in the vet’s office will have you clutching your own furry best friend even tighter. Cue the waterworks.

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