The Siamese cat

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One of the most recognizable breeds, the Siamese cat reigns as among the most popular cat breeds across the United States and Europe. The breed is native to Siam, now known as Thailand.

With extremely distinctive markings, these affectionate cats have appeared in literature, children’s movies, and have become firm favorites amongst cat lovers around the world.

Possessing slender and elegant bodies, Siamese cats have a wedge-shaped head with round cheeks. Their muzzle is also wedge-shaped, setting them apart from other cats who have more elongated or rounded muzzles. They have relatively large eyes that have an almost almond shape, which is yet another distinctive feature of the breed.

These cats have large alert ears that sit high upon their heads and long tapered tails that help them to balance when exploring the high spaces they are so fond of.

The most distinctive feature of the Siamese is their coat. Their pointed coats are actually a rare type of albinism that results in darker coloration on the parts of the cat’s body that are coolest. Their face, for example, is cooled by the airflow through their sinuses. Their legs and tails are also cooler areas of their bodies. All purebred Siamese kittens will be born either pure white or cream colored, but their points, i.e. darker shaded areas on their body, will start to develop as they grow. By the time they are matured, their coats will present with the very distinctive color changes that occur on their tails, legs, and faces. The shade of their darker fur will be determined by genetics or even by the climate that they live in.

Siamese cats are incredible sociable creatures with a high level of intelligence. They enjoy spending time with their humans and are very affectionate to those they care about. One thing that all owners of Siamese cats will tell you is that they are extremely vocal cats that can chatter away for hours on end.

Active, playful, and loyal by nature, it is easy to see why Siamese cats are such a wonderful addition to any family.

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