The “Scoop” on Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes: Compare and Contrast

Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes can offer considerable convenience for pet owners with little time on their hands, but also provide a nice litter box environment for cats who have fastidious bathroom habits. These types of kitties would like you to be ready with the scooper every time they go!

The basic concept of this kind of litter box is that by means of a sensor, the box detects when a cat enters and exits the box. An automatic rake engages and combs through the litter once the cat is finished. The rake lifts the solid material into a self-closing receptacle and then retracts over the litter to smooth it out so it is ready for your pet’s next visit!

As with anything, litter boxes of this type come with advantages and disadvantages, and we’ve outlined 5 examples of each for you below!


1) The use of an automatic self-cleaning litter box keeps the litter drier

2) The frequent scooping action all but eliminates the odor of your cat’s waste, making the experience much more pleasant for you and for Fluffy!

3) You will notice a savings on the cost of litter as the material is used much more efficiently with this type of box. (Note: the best type of litter for automatic self-cleaning litter boxes is the “clumping” variety.)

4) This is a good alternative to standard litter boxes for busy professionals who may need a hand with the litter box cleanup duties, or for those who travel often. Not only can the box be left on its own longer, and when it comes time to change the box the chore will be far less unpleasant.

5) In some cases, the entire receptacle may be disposable, completely eliminating the change of human contact with feline waste.


1) Once a cat gets used to an automatic self-cleaning litter box it may be hard to get him to use a conventional litter box again. Cats become accustomed to the box being fresh and clean each time they go in! Once you downgrade your cat to a plain pan, they will expect much better room service from you!

2) Some automatic self-cleaning litter boxes make noise as they scoop, which may frighten your cat (although some cats are fascinated by the self-cleaning process and may hang around and watch!).

3) Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are expensive. They must be used with scoopable, clumping litter (which tends to be pricier). They also employ the use of electricity and will need to be positioned next to an outlet (mind those cords near your cats!).

4) Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes will need to be cleaned from time to time, which may be a bit more time intensive than the cleanup process for standard boxes.

5) Some cats learn to love these devices so much that you may have an exceedingly difficult time discontinuing its use in the future. This is important to know going in as it represents a lifestyle change for both you and your cat.


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