The nine must-have dog products for winter

Snowy days and frosty nights are just around the corner, which reminds us all to stock up on sweaters, scarves and fluffy socks. But what about our pups? Just because they have natural fur coats doesn’t mean they don’t need some extra protection from the snow, ice and wind. Here’s a list of the essential winter products your pup needs to stay warm and cozy this season.

1. Booties | Even though your dog has some built-in measure of protection for his paws, he sure doesn’t want to walk bare-paw on icy sidewalks and frozen puddles. Not only that, but ice-removal methods like salt can be harmful to those sensitive pads, plus dogs can get sick from licking their paws clean. If you’re going for a walk on a snowy day, be sure to protect those paws with waterproof booties like these from RuffWear.

2. Sweaters | Even if you’re the type who thinks dogs in clothes look ridiculous, remember how great it is to put on a warm, cozy sweater when that winter chill creeps into your home. Sometimes, turning up the heat or getting a roaring fire going just isn’t enough. Treat your dog to a handmade wool sweater from Chilly Dog.

3. Coats | Sweaters are great for indoors, but what about a waterproof coat for walks during a snowstorm? Nobody likes getting cold melted snow all over them. This store, Foggy Mountain Dog Coats, has a good variety of different coats for dogs of all sizes. They even have raincoats, if your winters tend to be rainy rather than snowy.

4. Healing Balm | You know how your hands and lips get chapped from the harsh winter wind? Well, that happens to your pup’s nose and paws, too. Pick up a soothing butter balm for cracked noses and paws, like this bowWOW Butter Balm from happytails spa. It’s great for soothing any irritated skin and it’s safe just in case your pup licks it (which he will, it has marshmallow in it, duh).

5. Warm Dog House | You crank up the heat in the winter, and you should do the same for your pup. He can’t nap by the fire all winter long, so if your dog is going to be spending some quality time frolicking in the snow, be sure you have a warm place for him to sleep out there. You can learn how to insulate your dog’s current house here, buy him an insulated or heated dog house like these, or simply buy a dog house heater like these. Whatever you do, just be sure your pup always has a warm place to be.

6. Dog-safe Ice-Melting Salt | As mentioned above, salts can be really bad for your pup’s paws and digestive system. You can’t always control what your pup walks on, so it’s great to have booties for long walks through the neighborhood, but what about your own yard? If you have a path, patio or deck that you’ll be using salt to clear of ice and snow, get Safe Paw instead. It’s safe for pets, children and the environment, and also makes surfaces less slippery.

7. Food-Dispensing Toy | When it gets so cold you don’t even want to walk to the mailbox and back, you’ll need a way to entertain your pup indoors without letting him be sedentary. A great way to do that (and feed your pup) is to get him a food-dispensing toy like these.

8. Heated Water Bowl | If your pup is going to be playing outside during the winter, he’ll need to drink some water that’s not frozen solid. Pick up a heated water bowl, such as this one from Bass Pro Shops. This bowl will keep your dog’s water ice-free in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cord is wrapped in steel to prevent damage from abrasion and chewing.

9. Potty Pads | Even the most dedicated dog walkers get turned off by several feet of snow and icy winds. And, if you have a smaller dog, it can be unwise to take him out in extreme cold weather. Keep some potty pads handy and train your dog to use them so that you don’t put him at risk for catching a cold on the worst days of winter.

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