The most popular dog names

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Thinking of a name for your new pup? Whether you want to pick a tried-and-true classic dog name or stay away from the most common ones, this list is a great reference for naming your furry friend!

Top 10 Male Dog Names
1. Max
2. Buddy
3. Rocky
4. Bailey (also on the girls’ list!)
5. Jake
6. Charlie
7. Jack
8. Toby
9. Cody
10. Buster
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Top 10 Female Dog Names
1. Bella
2. Molly
3. Lucy
4. Maggie
5. Daisy
6. Sophie
7. Sadie
8. Chloe
9. Bailey (also on the boys’ list!)
10. Lola
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Curious about what names are popular for your particular breed of dog? Check out the list below, which has the most common names for several breeds of dog! Is this what you were expecting?
Males: Chico, Max, Peanut, Buddy, Gizmo
Females: Bella, Chloe, Daisy, Princess, Coco
Labrador Retrievers
Males: Buddy, Max, Bear, Duke, Jake
Females: Bella, Molly, Daisy, Lucy, Sadie
American Pit Bull Terriers
Males: Blue, Zeus, Diesel, Rocky, King
Females: Bella, Diamond, Princess, Roxy, Daisy
German Shepherds
Males: Max, Bear, Duke, Rocky, Zeus
Females: Bella, Sadie, Sasha, Daisy, Roxy
Yorkshire Terriers
Males: Max, Bentley, Charlie, Teddy, Gizmo
Females: Bella, Sophie, Chloe, Lucy, Zoey
Shih Tzus
Males: Gizmo, Max, Bentley, Oreo, Charlie
Females: Bella, Sophie, Chloe, Lucy, Coco
Males: Rocky, Tyson, Max, Duke, Diesel
Females: Bella, Roxy, Daisy, Bailey, Lucy
Males: Oscar, Charlie, Max, Buddy, Cooper
Females: Bella, Daisy, Lucy, Molly, Sophie
Golden Retrievers
Males: Max, Cooper, Buddy, Charlie, Bentley
Females: Bella, Lucy, Molly, Bailey, Maggie
Males: Tank, Diesel, Winston, Dozer, Max
Females: Bella, Lola, Daisy, Lucy, Stella
We were fascinated to learn that male dog names vary by breed but female dog names tend to remain much the same no matter what type of dog it is. Bella sure is a popular name…could it be because of the super-popular Twilight series?
Learn more about dog names (both common and uncommon!) on DogTime!

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