If You’ve Seen “The Martian,” You’ll Probably Agree That This Is WAY Better Than The Original.

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You know the new movie, “The Martian?” The one where astronauts blast off from planet Mars but leave behind this cute little dog after a storm. With little food and supplies, this pup must find a way to survive on his own while NASA on earth tries to find a way to bring him back home. Meanwhile, his own crew tries to come up with a plan to get him home themselves in a rescue mission.

Okay, I’ll admit that isn’t exactly right. That’s how it goes, but unfortunately a dog isn’t the main character, Matt Damon is. But I would rather much a dog take his place. Sorry, Matt. Watch this adorable remake of The Martian trailer, starring a dog. It’s so good that it could pass for the actual trailer! Who likes this version better?!

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