She Fosters And Rescues Animals. When She Describes Her Experiences? Cue The Tears!

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Dogs are amazing animals and they all deserve to be loved and taken care of. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, as there are millions of dogs all over the world who are abused, neglected, stray, sick, and unwanted. But it doesn’t take much to do your part, whether it be donating money to rescue organizations, volunteering at a shelter, fostering a dog or even adopting one. This heartfelt video gives you a peak into the life of a dog rescuer.

Many rescue organizations take in dogs who are on the brink of dead. No one ever said that saving them would be easy; some rescuers try so hard, but wind up losing the helpless pup. Oftentimes, these places do an incredible job at transforming dogs and rehabilitating them back to normal health. There’s a famous quote: “A dog is the only thing on Earth who loves you more than he loves himself.” And it’s absolutely true! Dogs live to make US happy. We are their whole world. Whether it’s cuddling up with us when we are sad, greeting us at the door after a long day, or making us laugh with their silly antics, they are always there for us. It’s the least we can do to be there for them too!

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