The End of Summer

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Do you ever walk through a store and notice how the fashions change as the seasons change? Sometimes I wish I had a good reason to buy all new seasonal clothes, but I don’t and so I walk on through the mall.

But as the seasons change, don’t forget that your dogs and cats are facing the changes as well. This is a good time to get organized for the new season.

If you live where the weather changes dramatically, like I do, it is a good time to sort through that bag or drawer that you have shoved all of your pets last winter’s sweaters into. Check for sizing. Yes, sometimes my dogs have changed size. Make sure they are clean and fit well. If you walk your dog in the fall and winter, make sure that the sweaters have an opening for your lead. Rain wear? Sure. I have a couple of rain parkas that I sometimes use. And don’t forget the boots if you walk in a really cold environment where your dog could freeze or get ice burn.

And as the seasons change, remember that cold can be just deadly to your pet as the heat. Don’t leave your dog in a car with freezing temperatures, which could be deadly. Enjoy the seasons. Keep your dog comfortable and healthy.

Jenet Mullins is a retired sales executive from the media industry. As a Poodle Parent she shares her experiences and true life situations as a rescue adopter. Find her at Mediagal on Twitter or Jenet Mullins on Facebook.

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