A Fisherman Caught The Catch Of A Lifetime, But It Didn’t Stop There…

Fishing is something that most people find relaxing and usually not much happens during it. You sit, drink a beer and hope that something catches on your line. We can guarantee that you have never seen something like this before! We begin with an Alabama fisherman hanging out on his boat doing what people who go fishing trips do, when suddenly he sees a small orange speck in the distance swimming towards the boat!

Is it a fish? Is it some type of weird sea animal? No, it actually turns out to be an adorable and defenseless baby kitten! How on earth did a baby kitten get in the water?!

Thank goodness Jason Frost was there to save these two little babies! We don’t know where they came from or how long they’ve been in the water, but all that matters now is that they’re safe. They even have new homes with two little girls who were both planning to get cats!

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