Wait Until You See What This Octopus Can Do. Spoiler Alert: It’s AMAZING!

Octopuses are highly intelligent animals that have proven to be extremely fascinating creatures…but it isn’t often that we hear about them. After watching this video, you may find yourself telling a person or two about them! Watch it and witness how a Mimic Octopus works. He’s swimming in the ocean and camouflages himself depending on what he’s lying on in the ocean floor. It’s absolutely amazing! He can also shape shift his body to make him look even more intimidating to other sea creatures.

The mimic octopus is capable of impersonating other local species and/or predators. They are notable for being able to change their skin color and texture to blend in with their environment. They can also take shape of various objects and animals. They’re the only currently known marine animal that is able to do this. It’s absolutely amazing to watch!!

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