The Benefits of Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog is in no way ‘less’ than buying a dog from a breeder. It can be just the same and in many ways even better. Here are some benefits of adopting a dog rather than buying a dog from a breeder.

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Save a Life

One of the most gratifying things about adopting a dog is the fact that you are truly saving a life. You are sincerely taking the dog you choose into your home and making it her home too. Not only are you saving a dog’s life, the adoption fee will benefit the organization you are adopting from and even support the community you live in. The money you spend to adopt your dog can be used so others have the chance to save a life too.

Low Cost

Adopting a dog is less expensive than buying a dog from a breeder. Buying a dog from a breeder can cost up to thousands of dollars, and that cost does not include some of the expenses shelters take care of for you. Most shelter dogs are spayed or neutered at the shelter before you adopt them, which will save you the cost of having the procedure done in the future. The shelters perform a physical exam on the dogs, which would cost you if you were to bring them to the vet. And shelter dogs will be up-to-date on their vaccines, which can cost a good amount of money to update all their shots. Most shelters will also microchip your dog at a fairly low cost.


A great benefit from adopting a dog is how much you already know about the dogs at the shelter and that can help you choose the perfect one for you. The dogs are evaluated when they are brought into the shelter and after taking care of them there, the staff already knows a lot about their personality, their behavior, and their energy. Those characteristics can help you pick out the dog you really want and which one will fit your lifestyle the best. If you choose a dog that has been at the shelter for a little while, you will also have a head start in the training department, which is always helpful.

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Large Selection

 Most shelters usually have a variety of dogs to choose from when you are thinking about adopting. This means you can look for a dog that is the perfect breed and has the perfect temperament for you. Many people think shelters only have older dogs. Not true. Many shelters have dogs of all ages waiting for their forever homes including puppies. But don’t just set those older dogs aside. Senior dogs can make great companions as well. They are more laid-back, have less energy, and are not as destructive, but be careful, they are more likely to have health issues than younger dogs. Another fallacy people think about shelters is that they do not have purebreds. Many shelters have mixed breeds as well as purebreds. It sounds like the shelter may have everything you are looking for in a dog.


All dogs give their owner a sense of unconditional love. It’s just the natural bond between human and canine. But when you take a dog from the shelter, who may have gone through some unspeakable things and felt like her life was ending, and bring her into your own home with a comfy bed and plentiful food, there is something that makes that bond even stronger. Your dog will feel grateful she has another chance at life and in turn, you will feel great about providing that second chance. Adopting a dog is a very rewarding thing to do.


When you are thinking of getting a dog and finally pull the trigger, adopt from a shelter or humane society. I bet you will find what you are looking for and be happy with your new addition to the family.

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