The Anti-Cruelty Society Humane Education Open House

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The Anti-Cruelty Society (TACS) has been in existence since 1899. They are Chicago’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization. Their motto is to build a community of caring by helping pets and educating people. Fitting right in with this theory is their newest launch, humane education; linking animals and learning. They offered this to the public since they realize that it is not just for animal lovers.

TACS has actually had humane educators on their staff since the 1930’s. On Sunday, September 15th, from noon until 2:00 p.m., they invited teachers, families, teens and all other animal lovers, to learn about how pets can engage students in learning. The program was offered absolutely free of charge in order to get more community involvement.
Besides getting to mingle with the humane education team, attendees were also able to enjoy face painting, giveaways, tours and pizza that was donated by Gino’s East. The children that attended were able to learn how to meet a dog safely for the first time coming into contact with it and practice these new skills with dogs that had received their Canine Good Citizen Certification. There was even a pet behavior expert present to answer questions that concerned pet owners had.

Focusing on this type of education, The Anti-Cruelty Society hopes to build more compassion, empathy and respect by helping people within the community to develop critical thinking skills and become better neighbors. To wrap up the day, folks were invited to watch a live spay/neuter surgery via webcam. The webcam is their newest educational tool being utilized in their brand new veterinary clinic. Overall, the Open House was a complete success just like the other programs that TACS has had to offer for over 100 years.

Melissa Stoneburner began writing about dogs two years ago. She is still an author on, Helium and Hubpages and works with Animal Rescue Foundation, Illinois as the Community Outreach Program Manager. Find Melissa on Facebook and Twitter.

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