This Dog Was Almost Killed For Her Meat, Until Heroes Helped Her Become An Inspiration To Others

Despite being only two-years-old, Teresa has had to go through more pain than I will ever have to go through in my life. Someone recently decided to chop off her snout and part of her jaw, but she was rescued alive. Her story inspired two women to save this dog stuck in danger overseas.

Credit: ABC6 News

Credit: ABC6 News

A few months ago, Teresa was rescued from Thailand, where someone attempted to kill her for her meat. Dog lovers Karen Quigley and Michelle Weirich heard about Teresa’s story, and knew that she deserved better. With the help of Facebook and GoFundMe, they managed to raise 11,000 dollars to get the poor pup flown out of Thailand to the U.S for reparative surgery. Once Teresa made it safely to the U.S, Quigley and Weirich made sure she got the proper she needed all along. “They are just like people. They need extra care, but they need a chance. They all need a chance,” Weirich told ABC6 News. “She can do everything and that’s what’s so remarkable about Teresa.” Weirich was also amazed to discover that despite having no snout, she has almost no breathing problems at all. The next step for Teresa is to hopefully be certified as a therapy dog to work with disfigured kids at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. That would be nothing short of amazing, to watch a dog with a troubled past inspire others to learn that you’re beautiful the way you are!

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