Ten reasons to love animal rescue volunteers

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10) They give up a holiday weekend afternoon to help out at an adoption event

9)  They drop everything to join the search for a lost animal

8) They drive long distances to transport animals to shelters, foster homes, veterinarians, adoption events and to their new forever homes

7) They get bitten and scratched helping injured and frightened animals

6) They devote their energy, creativity and resources to treating, catching, transporting, training or doing whatever else is needed to save an animal

5) They give their hearts to an animal and then

4) They are happy when that animal gives their heart to someone else

3) When they are completely out of time, room or energy, they find a little more

2) They say thank you to everyone who chips in to help an animal that is not theirs

1) They find their thanks in a rescued animal’s eyes.

Elisa Painten is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Canine Life Sciences from Bergin University in Rohnert Park , California . Originally from New Hampshire, she has volunteered for various animal rescue organizations in NH and Florida and currently fosters dogs for Copper’s Dream and Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue. She lives in Saratoga , CA.

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