This Teeny Tiny Pup Sounds More Like THIS Animal And It’s Hilarious!

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Puppies come in all shapes and sizes, but this adorable, little pup is the smallest (and cutest!) of them all! The cute, mini canine is just starting to figure a few things out, like how to get his bark down. Just like kids have to practice speaking English before they can talk in complete sentences, puppies have to practice their barks before they get just the right sound to it.

Try to guess what animal this lovable puppy sounds like before pressing play! I’ll give you a hint: it has wings and can fly. Did you guess a duck?! If so, then you guessed right! This tiny bulldog sounds more like a quacking duck than a dog when he first gets going, but towards the end he starts sounding like a real puppy!! Keep practicing and you’ll have the ferocious bark down in no time, pup!

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