His Neighbor’s Dog Was Drowning In An Icy Lake. What This Brave Teen Does Next Is INCREDIBLE!

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Sixteen-year-old Nick Travis risked his life when he saved his neighbor’s eight-year-old poodle, Lazy, who was drowning in an icy lake. Lazy wandered away from the backyard and wound up in the middle of the freezing lake. She was drowning and barely hanging on when Travis made the quick decision to rescue her.

Dressed in only shorts and a t-shirt, he ran and got a paddleboat and threw it in the water. He rowed out to her and grabbed her just in time. But then Travis needed some rescuing of his own. His paddleboat was stuck and unable to get back to shore. Firefighters came to help the boy and poodle out of the water safely. If it weren’t for Travis, this pup would have drowned! Lazy’s owners are very grateful for Travis’ heroic act.

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