This Formerly Abused Dog Wouldn’t Even Wag His Tail. But Now, He Can’t Stop Smiling!

AMA Animal Rescue came across a stray dog in a yard. He was extremely terrified and did not trust humans. By the way he was acting, it seemed like he was previously abused and neglected. After two days of trying, they finally caught him.

They immediately brought him to the vet to get him treated, but he needed a lot more than medical treatment. This poor dog, who they named Teddy, had a broken spirit. He had so much sadness in their eyes and it broke their hearts. Teddy didn’t move or wag his tail, nor did he care what was happening to him.

Then they realized why he was acting this way. They noticed scars and fresh wounds all over his body. It was clear that he had been recently abused. But staff was determined to fix Teddy’s spirit.

A few days later, they neutered him and not too soon after, Teddy sported a big smile on his face for the first time. He also barked and seemed much more lively. While he was recovering, he went to live with a foster. There, he made a new doggy friend. They became inseparable! Luckily, they get to spend the rest of their lives together because the family decided to adopt Teddy for good!

Watch his rescue and journey in the video below:

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