Taylor Swift Sent Out Christmas Cards Featuring Her Cats Dressed Up In Christmas Hats

It’s the height of the holiday season. We’re putting up our trees, baking special treats, decorating our homes, exchanging gifts in a socially distant setting, and sending out greeting cards. And like many of us ordinary folks, celebrities are also getting into the spirit of things. In fact, Taylor Swift has even roped in her adorable cats to help her celebrate the season!

On Twitter, Louisville public radio DJ, Kyle Meredith, posted a very cute Christmas card that he’d received from the Grammy-winning singer.

The precious card features all three of Swift’s cats – Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button – dressed up in their Christmas best. The cats are all grouped together in front of a black-and-white background that was very similar to her recent album, Folklore.

Swift included the message: “Wishing you a season of moments so wonderful, they become folklore. Love, Taylor Swift and everyone at 13 Management.” Clearly, the folklore wording was a nod to her recent album which broke records this year.

Besides a photo of the card, Kyle stated that receiving a Christmas card from the singer was definitely a great start to the holiday season. Of course, he also pointed out that the dressed-up cats were the cherry on top of an awesome sundae – and we could not agree more.

Kyle’s post elicited all the “Swifties” to come out of the woodwork and comment on their favorite singer’s holiday greeting card. Many were asking how they could potentially get one of their own, with one fan writing, “I would ruin myself a million little times for this Christmas card.” No need to resort to drastic measures. Let’s hope that Taylor Swift will find a way to get her holiday card out to the masses because everyone needs to see those cats.

Would you love to receive this Christmas card from Taylor Swift? Are you a Swiftie? Let us know!

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