He Thought His Dog Was Killed In A Tornado. When They Were Reunited, He Broke Down In Tears

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A horrible tornado swept through Texas, destroying everything in its path. Families were forced to evacuate the area. While this family was vacating to safety, the tornado happened to strike their truck, which caused it to flip over. Their dog, Tater, who was in the truck with them, ran off in fear when it flipped over.

The family was rushed to the hospital to be checked for injuries, but they were still without their beloved Tater. Days later, they went back to their smashed up truck and were so relieved to see their dog sitting by the car, waiting for them!

Tater’s owner picked him up and held him tightly. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever see Tater again, but he was so thankful to have his furry best friend back, unharmed. Their sweet reunion will bring tears to your eyes. Make sure you grab the tissues before watching!

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