They Found This Young Fox On The Side Of The Road. Then, She Met Her Soulmate In Rehab!

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This young fox, later named Tammy, was lying on the side of a busy highway and appeared to be dead. She was barely breathing and had head trauma, along with other injuries. She was rushed to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary. Dr. Sherri Cox from the National Wildlife Centre came and immediately began Tammy’s treatment. She was hooked up to an IV drip, fed, and was well taken care of. It’d be a long road to recovery, but her transformation is amazing!

As the days went on, she began to look much healthier and stronger. She was eventually able to stand on her own, and began eating solid foods. In the video below, you can see Tammy’s progress and when she meets another fox there for the first time. The other fox, named Todd, is also at the sanctuary recovering from being hit by a car. After spending their days healing and getting stronge, Tammy and Todd were both eventually released back into the wild.

” target=”_blank”>Click here to watch their amazing release! If it weren’t for these volunteers at the sanctuary and Dr. Cox, neither of these foxes would have survived!

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