Talking to the Animals Part II

Last month, I wrote about meeting Amelia Kinkade, world renown animal communicator and author of “Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers” and “The Language of Miracles.” This month I attended one of the sessions at Glen Ivy, Corona, where she held her Language of Miracles seminar. I was bringing my pack and my flock for the class to practice their newly learned skills on. With students coming from out of state, some even from other countries like Japan, Korea, Canada, and England, it was a privilege to be part of this seminar where students would learn to distill and develop their psychic abilities and Amelia would reveal the secrets of:

  • Clairvoyance: (Clear-seeing) The ability to exchange mental pictures & even “film-clips” (moving sequences of events) to & from the mind of your animal friends.
  • Clairsentience: (Clear-feeling) The ability to send and receive emotion to and from your animal friends.
  • Clairaudience: (Clear-hearing) The ability to hear telepathic information in whatever language you speak.
  • X-ray Vision: (Medical Gestalt) The ability to use your body as an instrument to determine if and where your animals are in pain.
  • Starlight Vision: (Mediumship) The ability to send & receive messages from beloved animal friends on the “Other Side.”
  • Photo Talk: (Remote viewing) How to sense distant animals using a photograph.

The day started out a bit crazy. Imagine trying to pack the car for a day long trip with four dogs and three birds. It reminded me of the days when my kids were babies and going anywhere was such a production with diaper bags, formula, extra clothes, blankets, strollers, booster seats, etc….  Well, the pets are about the same. As I was putting cages in the back seat the dogs were trying to climb over from the back to be in the front. As I harnessed one dog, the other would cross over to the other side to sit next to his favorite bird. As I tried to catch one dog another would get the leashes all tangled up… Yeah, that was really fun. I also had to have a cooler to keep the birds’ food cold and fresh, bags of treats, toys, snacks, drinks, blankets, cages, etc. to keep them all happy and comfortable during our outing. After feeling like I was in a Three Stooges skit, I finally got everyone in their places and ready to go.

My good friend Liz Heinrich (another amazing person I will have to write about on another post) came to help me handle all the animals. I’m so glad she was for the extra hands because once we arrived, after a long car trip with Sugar whining the last half hour of it like a kid saying: “Are we there yet?”  “Are we there yet?”  “Are we there yet?” we had to unload everything and carry the cages up a hill to where the seminar was taking place. The day started out a bit chilly so we had blankets over the cages to keep the birds warm and out of the drafty wind. The dogs were busy exploring all the new scents and were probably wondering what on earth was mom doing dragging them halfway across the world. We waited until the class had finished with their meditation and Scooter was the first doggie to go in. The class had to send him love from their hearts before they asked him questions.

Amelia started with non consequential questions such as “Who’s your favorite friend?” or “What’s your favorite toy?” Students were asked to write down the first thought or image that hit them. Many in the class got that they saw a large, dark, brown or black dog. Someone also got “A dark haired man with a black dog.” This is what makes me believe that we can communicate with animals. I didn’t know these people and they didn’t know me, but somehow Scooter was able to send them images of our neighbor Jerry (the dark haired man) and his dog Tailer (the big black Labrador, one of his favorite dogs outside our pack), who walk with us every morning! Someone came up with “Scooter really likes this dog but the dog doesn’t think much of him,”  which was amusing because Scooter does go up to Tailer like an adoring fan, does his submissive puppy face kisses to Tailer, and Tailer just turns his nose up in the air as if to say “Off with you silly boy!”

There were many things that weren’t even close but those that hit the nail in the head were just amazing and would make you a believer. Like when it was Lola’s turn and they asked her what her favorite treat was. Some people got the normal stuff like “small brown chewey treats,” or “heart shape cookie.” Amelia asked me what it really was, and I pulled out a banana out of my bag and said “Lola likes bananas.” Guess what? Amelia had that written on her notes! And another lady had something “yellow” written down but she thought it was too off the wall to share. Amelia says that sometimes we doubt ourselves and analyze things too much second guessing the message the animals gave us. We should believe that if it’s something that off the wall like a banana, then the answer came from the animal.

Other interesting things were how they got the word “healing” for Sugar’s purpose in life.   Sugar happens to be my TDI certified therapy dog. She goes to visit nursing homes and memory care centers and recently started to visit at the Wounded Warrior center in Camp Pendleton. Sugar lives up to her sweet name and is the most gentle soul when she’s with the patients. She leans in to be petted or will roll over for belly rubs eliciting laughter and brightening up the mood in the place. She is doing her job “healing” people with her comforting presence.

There were many more examples of how this animal communication was working that I will share on my next post. For now, I hope you all try to clear your minds for a few minutes and go to that quiet and peaceful place in your mind and hearts, and send your doggies all the love you have for them and tell them you love them. They understand. Who knows, you might get an answer back that says “I love you too.”

Elena Flyer is a Californian owner and lover of animals: horses, dogs, birds – you name it! She is actively involved in the community whether through therapeutic dog visits to healthcare facilities, or volunteering at Labrador Rescuers.

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