Talking to the Animals: How I Met Amelia Kinkade

Recently I had the great pleasure of hosting an overnight guest at my house. Not just any guest.  It was Ms. Amelia Kinkade, world renowned animal communicator and author of “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth” and “The Language of Miracles.” Just as if you had a doctor as a house guest you wouldn’t pester your doctor guest with endless questions about your health, I refrained myself from being a pest to Ms. Kinkade. Instead I let her volunteer any relevant information if my dogs and birds decided to tell her something. I got some very interesting revelations.

In my household of four dogs, the arrival of a house guest is always pandemonium. As hard as I try to teach them to be polite greeters, Lola the black Schipperke cannot control herself and will bark and jump uncontrollably. Having her on a leash really helps but one doesn’t always remember or like when Ms. Kinkade arrived, I ran out of time to put a leash on her. Most people react negatively to the pandemonium but Ms. Kinkade was really enjoying the joy and excitement from such an exuberant group of dogs. Tails wagging, smiley faces, wiggly bodies, it was just a joyful welcome. I apologized for the commotion but she said, why? The dogs were just saying “hello.”

At one point during our visit, Tookie the Red Lored Amazon, started one of his loud and angry squawking sessions. To anyone else the squawking would have sounded like a loud protest for being ignored because the humans were busy talking. But Ms. Kinkade just turned around and said “He’s hungry.  He says he’s very hungry.” And yes! She was right! At that time of the day I normally allow him to go into Sam the cockatiel’s cage so he can eat the safflower seeds that Sam leaves behind. But we had been busy talking and had neglected to follow on our routine! She wouldn’t have known that but he told her!

My husband the skeptic of course thinks I’m just a bit off believing in animal communication but according to Ms. Kinkade, we all have that ability. We just had that trained out of us while growing up, either by criticism or mockery from others. How many times have you seen or heard children talking to animals as if they understood each other. They probably were truly communicating with each other but we tend to push all that understanding aside as we get older.

Well, after reading her book, “Straight From The Horse’s Mouth,” I will start to apply myself and try to “talk” to my animals.  I’d like to know if something hurts, if something is making them uncomfortable, if something is making them sad…  Yes, yes, my husband is thinking I’ve gone insane, but when you live with so many animals, there must be something that is connecting us and I need to figure out how to get rid of the cobwebs of my mind and reach into that peaceful place where I will be able to hear the messages they are sending me.

I will be attending a seminar with Amelia in April.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

Elena Flyer is a Californian owner and lover of animals: horses, dogs, birds – you name it! She is actively involved in the community whether through therapeutic dog visits to healthcare facilities, or volunteering at Labrador Rescuers.

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