Talking Dog Gets Excited About Having a Kitten as a Sibling, But His Human Dad Can’t Stop Teasing Him

The more time you spend with your pet, the more you realize that they seem to understand every word you say. When they hear you say “outside” or “treats,” they react according to how they feel about that word. It’s amusing that although humans and animals don’t share a language, communication can still be present. But hearing them speak to you is still a wonder — would it be terribly chaotic or chaotic fun?

Photo: Youtube/Talking Animals

Due to animal intelligence, they still get to express their feelings and desires. It’s even adorable to see them trying to convince you about something they want. One pet parent shared a video of his dog, Clyde, on Youtube. The content was hilariously good because of how he interpreted Clyde’s thoughts and actions. He also dubbed the dog, making it more entertaining, and you’ll find yourself repeatedly watching it.

Photo: Youtube/Talking Animals

In the video, Clyde and his dad are discussing getting a kitten. The dub sounded so real that it was like a scene from a dog movie. The talking dog apparently wants a kitten as a sibling, but his dad keeps teasing him about it. Clyde was all jumpy and wagging his tail from excitement as the dad told him about his trip to the pet store. Every time the dog showed how thrilled he was, dad would talk about other animals instead of a kitten. The dubbed voice was funny even when Clyde looked incredibly disappointed by his dad’s story.

With how entertaining the video is, the talking dog garnered 42 million views. It also earned many comments that expressed their love for the content and how it never fails to make them laugh. “I think I’ve watched this ten times, and it never gets old. The voice is perfect,” Melanie Nelson commented. The dubbing was incredibly perfect; you can watch it in the video below. It’ll be one of your favorite videos online — you won’t be able to stop recommending the clip to those who haven’t watched it yet.

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