This Talented Pup Is Starting A One Pup Band. But, Keep Your Eye On His Left Paw!

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Every single person in this world has at least one thing they’re super good at. For some it takes longer to figure out exactly what that one thing might be. But when you figure it out, you just know. Well, this dog can stop searching, because we found the thing he’s good at! And you HAVE to see it for yourself!!

 This adorable dog loves music. And he is SO good at playing it!! His owner acts as his conductor as the dog plays the piano and simultaneously bangs on the drums. The music actually doesn’t sound half bad! Better than I could do. Maybe this pup could teach me a thing or two about playing the piano! What’s next for this dog – perhaps the guitar?!

Source: Musical dog plays piano and drums simultaneously by smartpuppy19don on Rumble

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