Swiss Police Launch Campaign To Help Protect Dogs From The High Temperatures

Switzerland is experiencing a heatwave and setting records for high temperatures. Zurich City Police have initiated the “Hot Dogs” campaign to raise awareness and educate dog owners on how to protect their dog in the hot temperatures. One of their main focuses is on how the hot pavement can burn a dog’s paws.

“When the dog runs on the heated asphalt, he can burn himself – just like people who walk barefoot. Our specialists at the Service Dogs Competence Center point out dog owners and recommend that small animals be carried over hot coverings. And big dogs should wear shoes,” Zurich Police Spokesman Michael Walker told Swiss public radio, SRF.


All of the dogs on the police force are equipped with dog boots to protect their paws from the hot pavement. One of the adorable canine officers is pictured wearing protective boots in support of the campaign. The boots also protect their paws from broken glass and sharp objects when on duty. With the recent high temperatures, the canine unit of the police department wanted to remind people to take extra precaution with their dogs.

“We recommend the so-called five-second rule,” stated Walker. If the asphalt is too hot for the back of your hand, it is too hot for your dog to walk on. The department posted a chart of the air temperature and then what the pavement temperature would be.

Aside from the hot pavement, the officers are reminding people to offer fresh water and to not leave their pets in a hot car.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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