These Men Heard Splashing Coming From The Water. Then, They Noticed Swans In Extreme Danger

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Photographer brothers Alexander and Vitaly Drozdov were walking along the Maza Jugla River outside Riga, Latvia, when they heard strange splashes coming from nearby water. They walked toward it to get a closer look and noticed two male mute swans who were struggling in the water with their necks entangled. They likely got stuck while fighting for territory. You can tell how desperate the birds were for help because they came right over to the men and allowed Alexander to gently untangle their necks and wings.

It took a little while for him to separate them because he wanted to be very careful not to hurt them. Eventually, he was successful in untangling them and one of the birds ran right up onto the shore while the other one swam off. You can tell how relieved the two of them were. Thank God for these photographers because these birds could very well have drowned or starved if they stayed like that any longer.

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