A 12-Year-Old Blind Dog Was Left At A Kill-Shelter To Die. She Went From A Home To A Cold Cage…

A family left a 12-year-old blind dog, named Sushi, at a kill-shelter to die alone. She went from a home, to spending weeks in a cold cage, wondering what she did wrong to end up here.

When AMA Animal Rescue heard about Sushi, they knew they had to save her. And that’s exactly what they did. They brought her to the vet at least four times, because she was extremely ill. She had infected ears, and had trouble breathing. She took different medicines but her breathing kept getting worse. It turned out that she had bronchitis. They finally were able to treat her and she started to get better. They spayed her and she was finally ready for her forever home.

In the meantime, her foster parents spoiled her tons. One day, a family drove from Boston to meet her, and fell in love with her immediately. The family already had a dog who looked just like Sushi. They get along great! Sushi finally got her happy ending!

Watch her journey in the video below:

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