Charity Surprises Teen Fighting Cancer With An Adorable Puppy To Become Her New Service Dog

When teenage cancer patient Lacey Dietz was approached by the Children’s Dream Fund to fulfill one her biggest wishes, her answer was easy. She requested a “white, fluffy, small puppy with pink ears” and that’s exactly what she got. Check out Lacey’s story of perseverance in this video from Fox 13.

Dietz has been battling lymphoma for a year now. However, she doesn’t let it get her down and is constantly thinking of her future. When non-profit organization, the Children’s Dream Fund caught wind of her story, they wanted to make one of her dreams come true. For Dietz, she wanted a puppy. Not only would this puppy serve as a loyal companion, but also be trained to become a service dog to accompany her wherever she wanted to go. The charity gifted the teenager with a nine-week-old American Eskimo puppy and her reaction is heartwarming.

Lacey’s story of determination and positivity is inspiring many to keep their heads up, even in the darkest of times. We hope Lacey and her new friend have many years of happiness between them!

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