Summer BBQ Treats For Your Dog

dog looking at steaks

You’re having a grand time at summer BBQs, eating tasty steaks, hot dogs and grilled chicken, but what about your dog? Something tells me that you’re not sharing your plate with your pooch. Or maybe you are – I’m definitely guilty of doing that! Hopefully you’re a better dog parent than I and you make sure that your dog gets his own doggy treats.

Doggyloot doesn’t want your dogs feeling left out during BBQ season, so we’ve put together some BBQ-themed and BBQ-flavored dog treats and snacks that your dog will love. But hurry! These deals are like the hot weather – they won’t last long.

Fire Grilled Chicken Treats – $11 (50% off)

fire grilled chicken treats

One whiff of these fire grilled chicken treats will transport you and your dog back to the campfire of summers past. While you reminisce, your dog will love the taste of these soft and chewy, grain-free treats. Their soft texture makes it easy for you to break the treats without them crumbling, which makes them a perfect reward for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and great for training. Plus, they’re produced in small batches to ensure high quality. With each order, you’ll receive two bags of fire grilled chicken treats.

Three 10″ Hickory Smoked Rolls – $15 (35% off)

hickory smoked rolls

These yummy hickory smoked rolls from Beefeaters are simply irresistible. Made with the highest quality beef rawhide and smoked to perfection, these rolls will satisfy your dog’s natural urges to chew. Their texture helps to remove tartar and massage gums, so those teeth continue to stay strong and healthy. With this deal, you’ll receive three hickory smoked rolls. Each roll is approximately 10 inches long.

Apple Smoked Bacon Treats – $14 (26% off)

apple smoked bacon treats

Ever miss the simpler days when meals were made with love, patience, and wholesome ingredients fresh from the garden? Well, the folks at Cloud Star had just that in mind when they created these delicious Wag More Bark Less dog treats. These apple smoked bacon goodies are made in the USA with all natural, premium ingredients, and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They’re also 100% wheat, corn, and soy free, and great for all dogs. With your order, you’ll receive two bags of Wag More Bark Less Apple Smoked Bacon Treats.

12.5oz Bags of Duck Jerky – $10 (45% off)

duck jerky

Have a backyard BBQ with your pup! These duck jerky treats are made with American sourced duck. They have a unique “Choose-A-Size” feature so you can break them easily, depending on your dog’s size. These tasty treats are grain-free and contain no wheat, corn, or soy. Your dog will love the taste! They’re 100% made in USA. You’ll get one 12.5oz bag with this deal. Choose from BBQ Duck or Hickory Smoked Duck.

Genuine Beef Jerky – $10 (37% off)

beef jerky

A jerky treat that every dog is sure to love. This genuine beef jerky from Zuke’s is made with grass-fed New Zealand beef and is completely grain-free and nitrate-free. High in protein and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, you can be sure your pup is getting the best quality out there. Available in three tasty flavors.

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