Family’s Two Dogs Went Missing. Weeks Later, They Heard Sounds Coming From A 35-Foot Well…

Carolyn Smith’s son was watching her dogs Zoe and Sugar Bear while a plumber came to the house. Unfortunately, the plumber accidentally left the door opened and the dogs escaped. The family searched for their beloved pups for days, but they were nowhere to be found.

They were devastated and feared that they’d never see them again. Or even worse, that something bad would happen to them.

One day, Smith heard barks coming from the woods while she was out on a walk. She followed the sounds which led her to a 35-foot well. Much to her surprise, Sugar Bear was at the bottom of it!

She called her husband, as well as firefighters who came to help the poor dog. They couldn’t believe that Sugar Bear survived the fall, let alone surviving without food or water for weeks.

Sugar Bear lost a third of her body weight, but what matters most is that she is now safe and on her road to recovery. Her doggy sister Zoe was also found nearby just minutes later. It seems like Zoe knew Sugar Bear was down there, and didn’t want to leave the area without her!

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