Such Sadness

It can be difficult to be an active volunteer with a pet rescue. We work so hard to save dogs from some of the most dreadful situations. Sure, some of our rescues are those nice owner releases because of a death in the family or some other logical reason. But many times our rescues come from a life of no grooming, saw meal mixed in cheap dog food, no exercise, no fresh water or clean pens. Our history is very limited and our experiences are often short lived. We have the dogs spay/neutered, checked for worms, heart worm tested and all shots administered. We always have personality screening done on our dogs. We think we do the best possible for our rescues before allowing them to be seen and adopted. Then they are hopefully adopted out to a new, loving forever home.

But sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way we intend.

One case is a sweet beagle. The beagle had been used as a breeder and came from a really horrible Amish puppy mill in Lancaster County, Ohio. It took awhile to find her the perfect forever home. But when she was placed, she seemed to have found the perfect home. A young couple with one small older dog met her and fell in love with her. After a three-week trial the young couple adopted her.

So what happened in the middle of the night to cause the beagle to attack and possibly kill the family’s 14-year-old dog?

Did she hear something that scared her? Did the old dog have a medical issue in the night that startled the beagle? We will never know. But the sadness is real.

And now what? Of course the rescue will to take the dog back. But the couple loves the beagle. Will they still love her if their old dog dies? I don’t know.

We try so hard to bring happiness to the dogs as well as their forever families. But this time it has not worked.

It is sad. Very sad. And I am afraid that I will be sending the Rainbow Bridge card to the adopting family. I pray not, but from the last report I received, the little old guy wasn’t doing very well.

Please share your own experiences with me and any ideas on how to handle such an uncomfortable situation.

Jenet Mullins is a retired sales executive from the media industry. As a Poodle Parent she shares her experiences and true life situations as a rescue adopter. Find her at Mediagal on Twitter or Jenet Mullins on Facebook.

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