He Opens Up A Box Of Brand New Shoes, Now Watch What He Does With Them…

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Dogs really are a [wo]man’s best friend. They’re the only thing on Earth that loves you more than they love themselves. They can sense when things are wrong, and are always there to make things better with lots of cuddles and licks. They may just be part of our lives, but we are their whole life. This Subaru commercial illustrates that incredible bond that many of us have with our pups, and tugs at our heart strings while doing so!

This man’s dog has turned 14, so he decided to make a bucket list of things to do together. From going on a road trip, chewing a shoe, playing with 100 tennis balls, to meeting a new doggy girlfriend, and many things in between, this pup gets to do so much with his human in his final days. Subaru says it best: it’s not just the miles in life, it’s what you make of them. So spend every second you can with your furbabies, and never take them for granted!

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