A Stuffed Dog Is Chewing On His Bone. When The Real Dogs See This, Their Reactions? Hilarious!

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If you own a dog, then you know how wild or rowdy they can get when they see a fellow dog out on the streets or in the park. For some dogs, that might just mean a few barks to say hello, while for some other pups it might mean howling and barking as loud as possible to let them know you’re there. But, are real dogs able to tell the difference between one of their own kind and a stuffed imposter? That’s exactly the question this hilarious clip sought to answer!

The dog’s are led to a spot where the fake, puppet dog is lounging and seemingly defending the delicious looking dog bone in front of him. While some pups get too afraid to get close enough to see if it’s a real dog or not, others dive right in trying to get the bone and figure out just what this pup is made of!! Some of their reactions though?! Too funny! Turns out some puppies might not be as smart as we thought! Lol!

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