This Strange Looking Squid Isn’t Even A Squid At All And It Has Scientists Laughing

This sea creature may look like a discarded dog toy or a forgotten children’s stuffed animal, but this googly-eyed squid is a live animal. Watch the video below to see how his appearance has scientists laughing. Check the animal out below with this footage from The Dodo.

This hilarious and adorable sea creature is known as a stubby squid. Scientifically known as Rossia pacifica, it isn’t really a squid, but rather a relative of cuttlefish. This bright-eyed creature lives on the bottom of the ocean floor and is known to live in the north Pacific. His appearance is incredibly unique and the dialoge of the scientists observing the animal is hilarious.

“It looks so fake,” says one of the scientists in the video. “It’s like some little kid dropped their toy.”

This footage was taken from the cameras aboard the E/V Nautilus. This research vessel explores the ocean floor and broadcasts their camera’s feeds 24/7. You can watch the oceanic action at anytime on their website.

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