This Dog Goes Absolutely Crazy Over His Favorite Movie! At 0:37 I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

Stryker the dog LOVES Disney’s “Bolt,” and doesn’t even know how to contain himself when it comes on the television. He wants to play but at the same time, he doesn’t want to miss the movie!

When he first notices that the movie is on, he runs right up to the TV, wagging his tail. He stands there and watches it just like a human would. When Bolt, the main character who is also a dog (and probably the reason why Stryker loves this movie so much), comes on the screen, Stryker jumps up and down, nudging his nose at him on the tv screen. He can’t even contain his excitement and runs over and picks up a giant teddy bear and starts swinging it around. A few seconds later he goes right back to the tv, because he doesn’t want to miss anything! He goes from watching the movie, to swinging around his teddy bear, back to watching the movie. He’s just so happy, he doesn’t know what to do! It’s also funny to note that Stryker’s sister could clearly care less about the movie, as she just sits there and watches her brother go completely insane over his favorite movie.

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