Meet The Dog with a Cartoonishly Cute Stretched Face and Hilarious Personality

Dogs are meant to be loved regardless of their physical traits. Each fur baby has a particular charm that separates them from the others. Although they differ in a lot of aspects, you can know for sure that they are huge sources of sunshine. Dogs make their pet parents happy in their own silly and genuine ways. Even when they are simply sitting or lying down, your fur baby can effortlessly make you smile. That’s why physical appearances do not matter because, either way, they can still brighten up your home. Dogs are dedicated to bringing happiness and safety to their households. Their looks are just a bonus.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

There are also instances when dogs can easily make you laugh due to their cartoonish traits. The cartoonish look can be caused by a birth defect, which you’ll see as a special characteristic rather than an ugly trait. It will make you laugh not because of its weirdness but because the look matches their goofy and adorable personality. And that’s what you’ll see in Belle’s life — a lovely dog under the care of Lieschen O’Neill. Belle’s eyes always look surprised due to her stretched face — the key reason why she looks like a cartoon character. In addition, she has a hilarious personality that her family loves so much.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“It was my husband’s birthday. He always grew up with a dog, and we went to the Humane Society just to look. We walked in, and Belle was so funny. They didn’t have any background information on her,” Lieschen shared. “She was probably about 12 weeks old. She put her face up against the kennel, and she just really wanted to greet us.” That’s how you make a remarkable first impression, because that day, Belle found her new home. Lieschen also described Belle’s face as similar to a child’s drawing of a dog. Her face was really stretched, so it made her eyes pop out more. Others also perceived her eyes as human-like, which Lieschen agreed to.

The dog’s mom lovingly described and shared the characteristics she adores. Apart from Belle’s unique facial features, she has a goofy personality. They have also found answers about the reason behind Belle’s surprised eyes. “Her vet told us that her eyes are likely the way they are because she was likely stuck in the birth canal, and so everything has just been stretched back,” Lieschen explained. Despite the irregular position of her eyes, Belle can see well. They also had her vision tested, and thankfully, there were no problems whatsoever.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Aside from the story behind Belle’s stretched face, her human mom also shared her Wisdom Panel’s DNA result. They discovered that Belle is 50% Doberman Pinscher, 50% cattle dog, and a hound mix. Lieschen and her husband really made efforts to know Belle’s history to get to know her better. And every day they discover hilarious antics and habits. Fascinatingly, she’s not only goofy but also a brilliant dog.

“She is extremely smart with the door stopper; I didn’t even think about teaching her that, but she started using it. She’s so smart because if she needs to go out during the middle of the night, she’ll just ring it and it’ll wake me up, and so I’ll go and I’ll let her out,” Lieschen said.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Belle evidently found a home that loves her unconditionally. Lieschen’s children absolutely adore her as well — who wouldn’t, right? She’s indeed an interesting dog, and you can learn more about her by watching the video below. Belle will lift your mood, especially when you follow her on social media. You’ll be so delighted with every post that you won’t stop yourself from sharing the cartoonishly cute dog with your loved ones.

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