This Street Dog Was Trapped In A Gate…When She Is Freed, Look At Her Smile!

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A street dog in India got herself stuck between the bars of a gate and was unable to get herself out. Nearby neighbors heard her cries, but no one wanted to help her because they were afraid that she’d bite. So, instead of ignoring the situation, they did the right thing and called Animal Aid.

Animal Aid arrived at the scene to help this poor pup. First one of the guys pet her head for a bit to gain her trust and to let her know that they were there to help her and not hurt her. Then, once they felt the time was right, him and another man lifted her up and wiggled her out from between the bars. She cried a little but you can tell that she was so relieved to be freed. They brought her back to their sanctuary and treated her for mange and will spay her. Thankfully this pup never has to worry about being on the streets any longer!

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