This Street Dog Was Trapped In A Deep Crumbling Well With No Way Out…His Rescue Had Me Biting My Nails!

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A street dog in India somehow wound up at the bottom of a deep, unsafe well. With no way out, he hid in a hole in the corner, scared and helpless. Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about the dog and knew they had to save him. Once the rescuers arrived, the dog came out of his hiding place and desperately tried to jump up.

Because the well walls were unsafe and crumbling, it wouldn’t be a good idea to lower someone down on a rope. So they came up with the idea to use a crane to slowly lower someone down into the well. At this point, the dog was very scared and went back to his hiding place. But after taking some time, the rescuer was able to gain his trust and secure him in a net. The two were lifted up out of the well to safety. Without the help of AAU, who knows how long this poor pup would’ve been stuck down there; he may have never made it out alive! Now the pup is happy and safe! Watch the amazing rescue below:

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