An Adorable Stray Dog Is a Good Citizen Who Helps Kids Safely Cross the Street

Stray dogs are just as lovable as domesticated ones. All dogs can show loyalty and responsibility to humans. People shouldn’t be afraid of stray dogs, and they don’t have to be generalized. These dogs take the initiative and carry out the responsibility that wasn’t their role in the first place. Kupata, the stray dog, is an excellent example of a stray dog. He took the initiative to be a crossing guard for kids in Batumi, Georgia. Kupata is their friendly neighbor dog — who takes his service seriously and with dedication.

Photo: Youtube/TheDodo

As shared by Tamta, one of Kupata’s neighbors, the stray dog is on duty every day — he doesn’t leave his station near a pedestrian lane. He barks at vehicles to tell them to stop and wait for children to cross the road. As the kids’ street guard, Kupata guides them and looks out for vehicles that might suddenly move. He gets angry when a car passes by when children are about to cross the street — his service is notable.

Part of his duty is to wait for the children in the park for one hour and then assist them when they cross back again. What’s impressive is that no one made Kupata a street guard dog — he was willing to take up the role and keep children safe without being told.

Photo: Youtube/TheDodo

The protective dog is famous in the neighborhood, and everybody loves him. Residents know that Kupata is a very serious dog but still endearing. Due to his service to his community, everyone takes care of him — as he deserves. Tamta shared that Kupata started his behavior two years ago, and Beqa decided to document the dog’s daily life. The purpose of the video is to show the world that stray dogs are kind and friendly. Beqa shared the video in hopes of helping the other stray dogs find a home that will love and care for them.

Even though Kupata is taken care of by the whole neighborhood, his home is with his Nona. “He sleeps in Nona’s house. Nona is a woman who takes care of Kupata, his main person. He loves her very much,” says Tamta. “Kupata is the lucky one because we all take care of him, but there are other dogs that are not lucky. So, they don’t have shelters, and they don’t have food. And this is a problem in our country,” she added. Tamta and Beqa hope that because of Kupata, people won’t think of stray dogs as dangerous animals. They sometimes even see kids scared of him because it’s their first impression of stray dogs.

Kupata has an Instagram account, and his bio proudly says, “Pride of Georgia,” which is true and must be recognized by the world. To support their advocacy to help stray dogs, you can follow Kupata’s Instagram account and share it with your loved ones. Let it be known to the world that these dogs have a lot to offer and deserve to have a home. All dogs are equally lovable and amazing creatures — they shouldn’t be judged according to society’s labels.

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