Stray Dog Incessantly Barked At Rescuers. When They Followed Him, They Knew He Was The Actual Hero

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For weeks, animal rescuers in Dallas, Texas, had been trying to capture a stray black dog. When they finally got close to him one day, he began barking at them nonstop. Since he had never acted that way before, they thought that he was sick or that something had happened to him.

Dog behaviorist John Miller told rescuers to follow the dog. The dog led them deep into the woods, where they heard tiny yelps. That’s when it all made sense. The dog was so persistent about getting them to follow him, because he knew of a mama dog and her ten newborn puppies who were lying by a tree near a muddy creek.

The mother dog and her puppies, along with the black stray who was fittingly named Hero, were all placed in a foster home. Watch the story in the video below:

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