Stray Cat Goes To The Store Each Day Hoping Someone Would Adopt Him

Despite the fact that cats are strong and independent animals, they still deserve loving homes with someone who will take care of them. Sadly, there are lots of homeless cats and kittens around the world who could use a happy home. Left to their own devices, these street-smart felines need to come up with innovative ways of keeping themselves safe and fed.

In Mexico, one stray cat ended up coming up with a brilliant idea to keep his belly full. He would sit outside a store and wait for someone to come along and buy him food. He had a pretty good system going, however, things changed when he met Tania Sants.

Tania first met the little guy when she was out and about running errands. She stopped to say hi and pet the kitty, but then she quickly noticed that the feline had an agenda. He led her into the store and kept directing her attention towards the cat food area. That is when Tania realized that the cat wanted her to purchase him some treats.

Not being one to say no, she bought the cat the food. The next time that she was out in town, Tania passed by the shop. She was pretty sure she’d see the cat sitting outside, but instead, he wasn’t there. Tania went inside and ended up finding the cat sitting by the cat treats – waiting.

Tania was intrigued. She asked the shop owners about the little feline. They informed her that he’d made a daily habit of coming into the shop and suckering strangers into buying him food. Once fed, he’d usually disappear for the day. Nobody knew where the cat had come from, nor could they say for certain where he’d go. Wondering if the cat was a stray or not, Tania decided to investigate the matter.

Tania came up with a plan. She bought the cat his treats, then after he’d slipped away from the shop, she went and followed him. Tania followed the feline all the way to an empty lot by the side of the road. That was the extent of his “home.” That confirmed it for Tania, the cat was a stray.

Luckily for the feline, now named Conejo, Tania decided that she was going to give him a home. She ended up adopting Conejo and bringing him home, giving him a happy life with another cat sibling. His life has entirely turned around, and he’s even an Instagram account of his own which is 22k followers strong. Not a bad turn around at all. Happy that Conejo got the loving home he deserves.

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