Puppy Trapped Under Rubble Sees Her Mom Again In The Sweetest Reunion

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call that a hut had collapsed in a village and neighbors could hear a puppy crying from under the rubble. Rescuers immediately arrived at the scene to rescue the trapped puppy. They began picking up the debris so they could get to the pup. When they finally did, they picked her up, dried her off and made sure she was okay. Thankfully she was in good health. When they carried her out into clear view, her mom came out from the bushes to reunite with her. She was wagging her tail and was so happy to see her baby again. They put the puppy down in front of the mother, and she picked her up in her mouth and carried her away back to their den.

The stray dog population in India is growing, and according to the BBC, there are nearly 30 million. Many of them are owned in a “rather loose way in that somebody is usually providing for them, and in some cases, even veterinary care.” To help more stray dogs in India, you can consider donating to Animal Aid Unlimited here.

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