This Stray Kitten Found A Best Friend In A Furry Canine…And They Make A Purrfect Duo!

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Simone the kitten was a stray, wandering the streets of Athens, Greece. She used to follow Aragon the dog and his owner home after their walks. Eventually, she walked home with them and never left!

While Simone has been staying at their house, she has developed an amazing friendship with Aragon. You can watch the two best buds having so much fun together – from playing with yarn and tennis balls together, to sharing massages, this adorable duo is such a cute sight to see!

Unfortunately, the family can’t keep the kitten, so she is up for adoption through an animal rescue organization in Greece. As much as I’d like to see this sweet kitten end up with Aragon for good, I hope she finds her furever home ASAP!

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