A Stray Dog Was Hit By A Car And Unable To Walk. What They Did For Him? So Touching!

Tommy, a three-year-old stray dog, was badly injured in a road accident in India. Sadly, many stray dogs in India are often left to suffer on the streets because of lack of funding and resources, but Tommy was one of the lucky ones. Lying on the ground, desperately crying and unable to stand or walk on his own, they knew they had to help.

Veterinarians fixed a light weight cart to Tommy to help him get back on his feet. “It is my own invention,” Dr. Madan Kompal told Express. “The customized cart can be easily fixed and dismantled just by tightening or loosening a clip…the height, width and length of the cart can be adjusted as per the dog’s convenience.”

In the video below, you will see Tommy whimpering on the ground without feeling in both of his hind legs, to happily walking around with his new wheels!

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