A Shelter for Stray Dogs Started as This Couple’s Dream Project

Anyone can start a project that could give back to society. It will be difficult at first, especially when there is a lack of resources, but when you put your mind to it, you’ll surely achieve your plans. You have to lay out your goals — organize your vision board, so you know what needs to be prioritized. Fascinatingly, you’ll find people willing to give you a helping hand while starting a project. They’d be inspired by your objectives and goals. You’ll see that others have the same agenda as you have, which could benefit a community.

Photo: Instagram/pawtisfaction

Initially, it would be just you, your partner, family, or friends. When the community sees how promising your idea is, there will be an addition to your team. A couple from Texas had this exact experience when they started a plan to build a shelter for stray dogs. Kristin Erwin and her husband have been fostering stray dogs for years. Their dedication to giving every dog a forever home is so admirable that they have inspired a whole community to build a shelter with them.

In a video shared by pawtisfaction, the couple explained how they were able to reach their goal. According to the text on the reel, one person volunteered to donate for the shelter to be built. Kristin’s husband took the initiative, grabbed a hammer and materials, and worked diligently every day. Then friends and family came over to help Kristin’s husband. Aside from labor, others were able to help by sending in donations to raise shelter funds.

The Instagram reel was initially uploaded on Kristin’s TikTok account. She gives updates about the progress of the stray dog shelter. Soon enough, the shelter will be open as a safe place for strays to have a home. Sadly, many dogs are still living outside of the comforts of home. Some are sick, while others can’t access necessities. The project will truly be of great help to the community. Thankfully, many people share the same sentiment as the couple — lots of dog lovers out there have given support.

Photo: TikTok/erwin100315

Kristin revealed in the video that she will be sharing the shelter’s interior soon. It’s heartwarming to know that dogs in their area will be accommodated by kindhearted humans. The couple has long anticipated the rise of a dog kennel, and now it has become a reality. The universe made it come true because it was built out of good intentions.

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If you want to get involved with the project or the whole foster home, you can visit their Instagram and TikTok accounts to get updates. Click the link in their bio to learn more information on how to help and send in donations. They also have an Amazon wish list, so you’ll know what the shelter needs at the moment.

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